Amazon VA

Course Outline

  1. Virtual Assistant Objective, Basics of Amazon, A brief history of amazon, compasion with other market places and credibility of amazon, Amazon Business Models
  2. Amazon Operations, Amazon Page Training, FBA VS FBM, BuyBox, Other seller page, Ratings, Reviews etc
  3. Introduction to seller central? How to create an account on amazon?
  4. Understanding Amazon Listings, Pre-Requisites of an Amazon Listing?
  5. Understanding Title, Bullet Points and product descriptions, Understanding Backend search terms for a list, Retouching Images for Amazon listing
  6. How to create an Amazon New single Listing, variation listing, Me too listing, and via bulk upload
  7. Listing optimization using different tools
  8. Understanding EBC / A+ Content, and how to create it
  9. How to add variations in a listings
  10. Understanding FBA and FBM offers on the listings
  11. Basics of Amazon Order Mangement
  12. How to fulfil FBM orders?
  13. How to handle returns and refunds
  14. FBA Shipments, Checklist before creating a shipment plan
  15. How to Create an Amazon Shipment Plan?
  16. What is Amazon Customer support? How to handle questions from the customers
  17. Proper way of communicating with customers
  18. Fundamental of Amazon Cases, Understanding the purpose of Amazon cases, How to open Amazon cases for your problems
  19. Amazon Reports Handling, Understanding Different Business Reports
  20. Understanding Different Inventory Reports
  21. Amazon Trademark & Brand Registry
  22. Importance of trademarks on amazon, Brand registry roles
  23. Wholesale FBA Product hunting using 3rd party tools?
  24. Use different tools and good profit ratio to find best wholsale products,Basic Criteria for Projected ROI?
  25. Product Sourcing, How to communiacte with suppliers?
  26. Listing, Order Management, Returns, Re-imbursments and replenish FBA Wholesale products
  27. Deals on Amazon and how to get it?
  28. What are digital coupons? How to make a digital coupon?
  29. What is Early Reviewer Program, Basics of Proxy Marketing, Understanding Facebook Ads
  30. What is Amazon Advertising? How to create an auto campaign on amazon?
  31. What is the difference between word, keyword and search term, Negative Keywords and Negative Products? Difference between Exact, Broad and Phrase Matches
  32. How to create Manual Keywords Targeting Campaign?
  33. How do we find beatable competitors for Manual Product Targeting and how to create Product Targeting campaign?
  34. What is listing defense – Cross promotions Ads? Campaign Structure for Sponsored Product ads
  35. Understanding Different Advertising Reports
  36. Different methods of launching and ranking of amazon products using Giveaways or PPC Launch

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