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CCNA ( R & S ) Morning
- Schedule:18th Feb 2019 (10:30am)
- Instructor:Hasnain Ahmad Malik
CCNA ( R & S ) Evening
- Schedule:18th Feb 2019 (07:30pm)
-Instructor:Haroon Ahmad Malik
CCNA Collaboration (Online)
-Schedule:9th Feb 2019 @ (11:30PM) GMT+5
-Instructor: Haroon Malik
Free FTD Firewall with CCNP (R&S)
-Schedule:18th Feb 2019 @ (06:30PM) GMT+5
-Instructor: Haroon Malik
CCIE (R&S) Lab Oriented Bootcamp
-Schedule:23rd Feb 2019 @ (03:00PM) GMT+5
-Instructor: Hasnain Ahmad Malik

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Hisham Sajjad

(CCIE R&S) CCIE# 52779, Date:10th Dec, 2018)

Zohaib Javed

(CCIE R&S) CCIE# 60939, Date:16th Dec, 2018)

Ahsan Ahmed Shaikh

(CCIE SP) CCIE# 60439, Date:17th Oct, 2018)

Ali Farooqi

(CCIE-R&S) CCIE# 59738, Date:19th July, 2018)

Muhammad Ashfaq

(CCIE DC) CCIE# 59469, Date:18th June, 2018)

Lqwinder Bir Singh

(CCIE DC) CCIE# 59459, Date:15th June, 2018)

Khurram Abdul Rahman

(CCIE Security) CCIE# 59047, Date:29th April, 2018)

Ali Liaquat

(CCIE DC) CCIE# 40515, Date:14th Mar, 2018)

Salah Udin

(CCIE DC) CCIE# 58130, Date:12th Jan, 2018)

Adil Ali

(HCIE R&S, HCIE# ........., Dec, 2017)

Mujeeb Hussain

(HCIE R&S, HCIE# ........., Dec, 2017)

Adnan Fareed

(HCIE R&S, HCIE# ........., Dec, 2017)
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Corvit Provides Customized IT Trainings For Corporate Customers.

We also conduct technology awareness sessions for Non-IT departments like procurement, sales, human resource etc
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About Corvit Systems

We, at Corvit Systems, provide IT trainings of world renowned vendors like Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, Microsoft, VMware, Aruba, Red Hat etc in the field of Routing, Switching, Security, Voice, Wireless, Data Center, Service Provider, Operating System, Virtualization, Exchange Server / Email Server etc. We provide an encouraging and supportive environment which grooms the perception and technical intellect of the individuals. Our aim is highlighting the inner potential of students to develop a competitive character to face the demands of professional IT world.

Corvit Systems is renowned worldwide for the high quality of its education and training courses. Many of our clients took their first computer training course with us at introductory and beginner level and have progressed with us to advanced and expert levels. For those people who don't have much time and prefer to work on their own, we can now offer on-line computer training programs to suit all levels. We provide courses in a friendly and supportive learning environment with special emphasis on “hands-on” trainings.

We have special focus on corporate trainings and have extensive experience in conducting customized trainings to fulfill demands of professional world. We work closely with technical and HR departments of corporate customers to suggest best IT trainings (on-site as well as on-line) to ensure quality skill development of their team.


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