Course Outline


  1. Basics of Electronic Designs
    • ADCs/DACs, PVM and Voltage Dividers
  2. Basics of Networking
    • Understanding the OSI model and the seven abstraction layers.
    • Networking and TCP/IP.
  3. SDN Architecture
    • Control and Management plane improvements with SDN
    • Openness
    • Network Automation and Virtualization
    • SDN and OpenStack
    • ONOS SDN Controllers
    • Applications and APIs
    • Protocols
  4. Arduino and Raspberry Pi Programming
  5. *Introduction to the Internet of Things
    • IoT and its importance
    • Elements of an IoT ecosystem
    • Technology and business drivers
    • IoT applications, trends and implications.
  6. Sensors and sensor nodes
    • Sensing components and devices.
    • Sensor modules, nodes, motes and systems.
  7. Connectivity and networks
    • Wireless technologies for the IoT.
    • Edge connectivity and protocols.
    • Wireless sensor networks 
  8. IoT lab exercises
    • Local processing on the sensor nodes.
    • Connecting devices at the edge and to the cloud.
    • Processing data offline and in the cloud.

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