Cyber Security Training Bootcamp by MoIT&T and CORVIT NETWORKS


The Government of Pakistan and MOIT&T has announced HIGH IMPACT INTENSIVE TRAINING BOOTCAMP for university Teachers and IT Professionals / Graduates to uplift their skills using world-class course work and methodology. The core objective of this training is to prepare the participants as a “Master Trainers” in the field of emerging technologies like Cyber Security, Block Chain, Cloud Native Computing & Data Sciences.

Corvit Networks Private Limited has qualified for conducting the boot camp of Cyber Security in Islamabad and Karachi.

Intended Benefits:

Through a successful high impact training, MoIT&T aims to achieve following benefits:

  1. Enable the trained resources for high performance delivery in the field of cyber security.
  2. These jobs are projected to be offered by international and domestic firms, government departments, institutions who will:
    • Expand their current operations in Pakistan.
    • New businesses will be motivated to bring their development in Pakistan.
    • Take many of these skilled resources to their home base as employees.
  3. Universities curriculum or mobilize resources to cope up with rapid demand of certain critical new technologies like Cyber Security.
  4. Domestically these resources should also be able to find jobs both in the public and private sectors. Currently, many of these jobs have been exported to foreign based.
Eligibility Criteria:
  1. For University Teachers, atleast MS/M-Phil in Computer Science / IT / Cyber Security and teaching experience of one year in any HEC approved institute. (Quote = 60%)
  2. For IT Professionals, atleast BS in Computer Science / IT / Cyber Security and working experience of one year in any reputed company or as a freelancer. (Quote = 40%). IT Graduates having degree before 2020 can also apply.
Selection Criteria:
  1. Written Test: Written test will be conducted only for IT Professionals & Graduates.
  2. Interview: Interview will be conducted for University Teachers affiliated by any HEC approved institute.
Training Bootcamp Details:
Training boot camps will be conducted under the direct supervision of certified and experienced expert instructors. Following training type is based on a very popular and successful model used in USA for bridging the skills gap:

Trainee Quota:
- Graduated from HEC recognized Universities = 40%
- Teachers from any HEC approved Institute = 60%

Total Trainees:
- Islamabad = 25 Trainees in one Batch
- Karachi= 25 Trainees in one Batch

Training Type:
Bootcamp (USA Standards)

Training Duration and Methodology:
16 weeks
-  08 Hours per Day
-  05 Days a Week
-  Monday to Friday
-  9.00am to 5.00pm (UTC+5)

Training Pre-Requisites:
Fundamentals of Information Technology & Computer Sciences

Mode of Training:
Physical Mode (Campuses in Karachi & Islamabad)

Training Language:
Trainings will be delivered in Urdu & English languages. However, training material will be provided in English language only.

Training Methodology:
1.    Theatrical knowledge
2.    Lab work
3.    Individual Assignments
4.    Group Assignments
5.    Assessments

Training Material:
Soft copy (pdf format) of training material will provide to all students.




Core Areas & Course Content:
Advance Concepts:

  1. Information Security Advance Concepts
  2. System Architecture Advance Concepts
  3. Storage Devices Manipulation
  4. Initial Attacks on Various Architecture
  5. Network Architecture and Secure Network Protocols

Threat Intelligence

  1. Information Security Threats and Attacks
  2. Introduction to Threat Intelligence
  3. Cyber Threats and Kill Chain Methodology
  4. Requirements, Planning, Direction, and Review
  5. Information Security Threats and Attacks
  6. Data Analysis
  7. Intelligence Reporting and Dissemination

Attacks & Mitigation

  1. Hacking Cycle & Code of Ethics
  2. Foot printing, Network Scanning & Enumeration
  3. Vulnerability assessment, Hacking Methodology and steganography
  4. Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing Attacks
  5. Social Engineering, DoS and DDoS Attacks
  6. Session Hijacking and Hacking Wireless Networks
  7. Firewall evasion and SQL Injection
  8. Malware analysis, DNS poisoning, MAC Spoofing and Countermeasure

Forensics & Counter Measure

  1. Security Architecture and Engineering
  2. Computer Forensics Fundamentals
  3. OS Forensics and Network Forensics
  4. Securing Server using SELinux
  5. Dark Web
How to Apply:

Step # 1: Registration:

Apply through following websites:


Step # 2: Entry Test:

  1. For entry test, pre-course work will be provided in the form of MCQs to registered candidates only.
  2. Entry test will only for IT professionals & graduates.
  3. University teachers will be evaluated after conducting technical interview.

Step # 3: Interview and Final Selection:

  1. Final interview will conduct for those students who will pass entry test.
  2. Final selection will base on entry test and final interview for both IT Professionals/Graduates and University teachers.
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