MoIT&T intends to execute an intensive Training/Boot-Camp to provide university students, and professionals the experience of high-impact intensive Training/Boot-Camp and develop their skills using world-class course work and methodology. MoIT&T aims that this intensive Training/Boot-Camp will enable these students and professionals to conduct or be part of execution of such intensive Training/Boot-Camp in the future. The core objective of the intensive Training/Boot-Camp is to prepare the participants for jobs in cyber security discipline.


Intended Benefits 

Through a successful high impact training, MoIT&T aims to achieve following benefits:

  1. Enable the trained resources for high performance delivery in the field of cyber security.
  1. These jobs are projected to be offered by international and domestic firms, government departments, institutions who will:
    • Expand their current operations in Pakistan.
    • New businesses will be motivated to bring their development in Pakistan.
    • Take many of these skilled resources to their home base as employees.
  1. Domestically these resources should also be able to find jobs both in the public and private sectors. Currently, many of these jobs have been exported to foreign-based.