Breaking the Sales Barriers

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive and every organization is looking for a larger share of the market.


Today’s marketplace is highly competitive and every organization is looking for a larger share of the market. In an economy where the customer is royal, how do your sales representatives pitch the features and benefits of the products/services they sell? For this, they need sales coaching. This is a continued process of structured conversations for helping individuals to improve their performance using a range of skills and techniques.

Weak sales people continuously do the things they are comfortable doing but successful salespeople do not limit their thinking and plans that are needed to hit targets. Our highly interactive sales training workshop will help sharpen the skills of even experienced sales representatives, enabling them to clearly understand their goals, constraints and identify options. We will teach them how to use sales strategy like an expert. Our training is designed to bring the sales results you expect, rather than wish for.


By the end of the programme the participants would be able to:

  • Define professional and ethical sales behavior and govern themselves accordingly
  • Understand the sales cycle, learn techniques and skills required for each stage of the sales cycle
  • Know how to generate leads, qualify them and convert them into sales
  • Use the right questions to discover customer needs and build trust by providing them right solution
  • Maximize the ROI from each sales meeting
  • Know how to respond to and overcome objections
  • Recognize when to close the sale and ask for referrals
  • Close more sales through High Impact Presentations and Negotiations.
  • Develop relationships and accounts from the top down, NOT just at operational level where they get a regular cup of coffee.


  • Corporate Sales Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Channel Sales Professionals
  • Sales Executives


At a glance

What you'll get

  • Facilitator-led discussion
  • Interactive group sessions
  • Self-reflection activities
  • Skills practice and group discussion


  1 day

Maximum group size

Upto 20 people per group

  1. Why people buy
  2. Understanding the sales cycle
  3. Building your sales profile
  4. Attributes of a good sales person
  1. Market intelligence
  2. Turning leads into sales
  3. BANT – Qualifying Leads
  4. Key to successful prospecting
  5. Building rapport 
  1. Build ability to discover needs
  2. Asking the right questions
  3. Earning trust through listening
  4. High value questioning and probing
  5. Appointment making
  6. Planning a sales meeting
  1. Leveraging your solution
  2. Creating reasons to change
  3. Linking solutions to client needs
  4. Understand the difference between objection and rejection
  5. Types of objections and how to respond
  1. Negotiation tactics
  2. Examples of asking for the sale
  3. Types of closes and knowing when to close the deal
  4. Building ability to close the sale
  5. Asking for and working with referrals
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